2017 Community Resource Guide

As we welcomed the Seventh Annual “Save A Life” Community Forum in April 2017, the Alliance for Safe Kids is excited to share the second edition of our Community Resource Guide which enhances the Save A Life mantra to develop community allies and first responders who can support teens and families in crisis.

2017 Community Resource Guide

This resource guide will expand the workshop approach of becoming more informed, noticing when something is wrong and knowing where to find help. By continuing to look at substance abuse and mental health through gentle responses and connections to support, our community will strengthen the safety net for our youth.

This directory will allow you to:

  • • Make connections to every sector of your community
  • • Make connections to current information about substance abuse and mental health
  • • Make connections to hundreds of resources and hotlines for immediate help

We hope that you find your Community Resource Guide useful and that through these connections, you feel cared for and empowered to help others. Your thoughtful decisions are what keep us safe.

Prevention is key. Treatment works. Recovery is possible.

Please consider getting involved and staying informed as community allies.

To place an ad in our 2018 Community Resource Guide, please contact Erica Stanzione.