How to Prevent Teen Suicide

Teens face a wide variety of issues today, from pressures at school to bullying to maintaining relationships. The high school years can be especially challenging, because young people are trying to figure out their direction after graduation as well as keep up with their day-to- day routines. The pressure to do well academically, to be cool, to try […]

Volunteer From Your Cell Phone!

Did you know that you can volunteer with the Alliance for Safe Kids right from you cell phone? Help connect our community by becoming a virtual volunteer and providing digital marketing support to ASK! ASK is very active on social media but we need your help to spread the word of upcoming programs, events, breaking news […]

Family Dinner: Conversation Starters

Families come in all shapes and sizes: Couples with children, single parents, work families, roommates, college and school families, neighborhoods and whole communities. No matter what your family make-up is, your financial status, the house and town you live in, or what your dinners are like now, you can be part of something very special… The only […]

Workshops for Parents - Alliance for Safe Kids

Courage to Speak – Courageous Parenting 101®

It is a fact that our children will be offered alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, often many times, starting in middle school and continuing through high school.  What can you do about this?  Learn about substance abuse and gain the knowledge and skills needed to keep your children safe. The Alliance for Safe Kids is […]

‘Study Drugs’: What Parents Need to Know

3 Things Parents of High Schoolers Need to Know About ‘Study Drugs’ Just because amphetamines like Adderall are prescribed by a doctor doesn’t necessarily make them safe to use, one expert says. The second half of the school year can be a stressful time for high schoolers with the SAT, ACT, final exams and other important academic […]

Want to Save A Life?

Save A Life is a program designed by the Alliance for Safe Kids (ASK) to inform and empower high school students and adults to become community allies and first responders to support teens and families in crisis. Save A Life is one of ASK’s leading programs which has directly touched the lives of over 1,000 […]

Youth Court '16 - Graduating Class

Congratulations to Our 2016 Youth Court Graduates

Twenty-eight students were honored Wednesday night as graduates of the Alliance for Safe Kids (ASK) Youth Court Class of 2016. “The Youth Court program enables students to experience first-hand what it is like to be an attorney, detective, Judge, Bailiff, and Court Officer,” said Youth Court Director, Nancy Levin. “This incredible program is a careful […]

youth court

Students Get Ready to Prosecute Youth Crimes in Yorktown

On Wednesday, February 10th, 28 students will graduate from the Alliance for Safe Kids’ Youth Court program. After having learned about the various aspects of the law over the last six weeks, they will soon take on real-life court cases prosecuting other teens at the Yorktown Justice Court. “After many sessions of training in confidentiality, […]

Local Open Casting Call – Thursday 2/11

*TITLE OF PRODUCTION: House Party PSA *TYPE OF PRODUCTION: Video *COMPANY: Alliance for Safe Kids – 2051 Baldwin Road – Yorktown Heights – Suite 112 *PRODUCTION PERSONNEL: Contact: David Levin and Abby Tinari – 914-736-1450 *PRODUCTION DESCRIPTION: Public Service Announcement (PSA): Teen house-party / mock documentary *COMPENSATION & UNION STATUS: Non-Union – Meals included. Non-paying. *Roles: Teenagers, Male & Female […]