Courage to Speak – Courageous Parenting 101®

It is a fact that our children will be offered alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, often many times, starting in middle school and continuing through high school.  What can you do about this?  Learn about substance abuse and gain the knowledge and skills needed to keep your children safe.

The Alliance for Safe Kids is offering a free parent education series, entitled Courage to Speak-Courageous Parenting 101® developed by the Courage to Speak® Foundation.  This series will be held, free of charge, on May 5, May 12, May 19, and May 26th from 6:30-8:30pm.  Parents will learn effective communication strategies; gain confidence to talk to their children about the dangers of drugs; understand how to set clear rules and boundaries with their children related to use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; and gain confidence in knowing how to deal with substance use among their children.

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A recent Yale University evaluation of Courage to Speak-Courageous Parenting 101® reported the following positive outcomes: Parents indicated that they increased both in general communication with their children and in the frequency they talked to them about the dangers of drugs; parents’ knowledge about their children’s lives increased; and they became more confident in knowledge and their ability to intervene and prevent their child from using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Courage to Speak-Courageous Parenting 101® covers: teen drug use trends and party culture; guidance to help reduce the risk of substance use; how to help your child handle stress; warning signs; what to do if use or abuse is suspected and much more.  Parents will also develop improved listening and communication skills, which have been shown to be a critical factor in prevention.  For more information visit