Courage to Speak at Save A Life

In a riveting and thought-provoking Presentation, nationally renowned speaker, Ginger Katz, shares the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs.  Through her Presentation, students and parents begin to recognize the telltale signs of alcohol and other drug use and the veils behind which those signs hide: anger, denial, fear, pain and deception.
The Courage to Speak Foundation, Inc. was founded by Ginger Katz in an effort to foster open communication about the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse among young people. Ginger has been inspired to speak out by the untimely death of her son Ian from a drug overdose. Since 1996, she has given over 1,000 presentations nationally to hundreds of thousands of parents. The Courage to Speak Foundation provides drug prevention presentations, school-based curricula developed by experts for elementary, middle and high school and Courageous Parenting 101 for parents, evaluated by Yale University.
Issues to be addressed:
  • Signs to look for
  • Alcohol and drug prevention
  • The code of silence and its dangers
  • Addiction and its impact on families
  • What to do if your child is using or experimenting with drugs including alcohol
  • How to recognize risky behaviors and relationships

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