Do Your Kids Have an Inner Compass to Navigate Modern Times?

The times in which we are currently living are very different from the ways many of us grew up. We now live in a world dominated by technology, consumed with materialism, and vibing hate, fear, and competition. For those of us raising children, we have an urgent responsibility to prepare our children to live in this world so that they may thrive. But how do we know what skills are most important to teach our kids? What do they really need?

Here is a list of thirteen skills that I believe that children need in order to thrive in modern times:

The Ability to Communicate

Both oral and written communication skills are essential. Kids must find their voice from a young age, and then learn how to express that voice in a meaningful way. Expressing through video games, texting, or other artificial means, robs your child of the opportunity to develop these important skills.

 The Ability to Listen

Just as important as it is to express oneself is the ability to listen–the ability to really hear another person and their viewpoints objectively. This is also about learning to listen to oneself—to reflect on, and respond appropriately to one’s own internal voice.

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Source: Dr. Kristy M. Vanacore