Save A Life – From the Community

Save A Life went down on Sunday February 8th and attendees had some wonderful things to say!

Just returned from today’s Save A Life program and I must say it was amazing. From the volunteer effort to the heart felt presentations both speakers and videos. Valuable information and resources provided. Thank you !! — Donna

The whole day was very insightful. The film on Justin Veatch made me cry, thank you for the tissues. When I saw the pillow that all our kids made when they were in middle school, it took my breath away. Such a talented young boy, whose parents are working hard so that another family does not have to go through what they have lived through, losing a child. Thank you ASK for this and all you do! — Dina

Teach our kids they do not have to be a follower but yet be a good leader as well as being a good friend to those in need. I am happy to have been a part of this with my daughter. Great job Alliance for Safe Kids. — Lucy

Information is power and we live in an amazing community filled with caring, giving people ! — Theresa

There is a lot of people out there that care about all these kids!!!! Kids please use all these resources if you or a friend is in need!!!! — Jennifer