Save A Life: True Bud, No Friend of Mine

Save A Life Workshop: True Bud: No Friend of Mine What do you know about Toxic Marijuana Syndrome?

Working on the frontiers of marijuana research and the effects on the developing teenage brain, workshop leader Scott Gillet will run an informal discussion among youth about what they know about pot and other drugs. Over the years, Scott has worked within traditional and non-traditional approaches to dependence and addiction; he will share his experience of what works, and the sad statistics about what approaches don’t work.

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Gillet is internationally renowned speaker and thought leader in addiction and recovery. Author of True Bud, he has created a resource for health professionals and parents who want to understand the social, legal, and medical implications of the ever-changing world of pot. As director of BIRD, he has worked with thousands of young people who have used and abused marijuana, helping many to seek treatment and go on to lead rich fulfilling lives.